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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  October 28, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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economy in their third presidential debate. and drivers in cedar apids are seeing changes around town, as the city wraps up many road construction projects. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . minimum wage employees in tiffin aren't sure whether an increase they're set to receive will be permanent city leaders are discussing whether tiffin should opt out of johnson county's minimum wage increase just days before it takes effect. right now, the sate and federal minimum wage is seven dollars 25- cents an hour. starting sunday, johnson county's minimum wage will go up 95 cents to eight dollars 20- cents an hour. then next year, it rises to nine-15. and in 2017, it will increase to 10-dollars-10- cents per hour. a couple of cities in johnson county have already voted down the increase that the county supervisors approved last
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month. kcrg t-v nine's sarah mccarthy joins us in the studio with more. sarah, why is tiffin reviewing the issue just now? beth, city officials say they haven't heard any concerns from residents.. ..ununl recently. opposition from a few people has pushed the council to consider its own action. but now, it's too late for the city to take that action before the first wage increase happens. 21:40:06 "just because the date has passed of november first, doesn't lock us into the first step." a first step that happens sunday when minimum wages here will go up. that deadline isn't pushing the tiffin city council to make any fast decisions. but it could mean a wage decrease for workers in the near future. 22:02:30 "people will be paid the new minimum wage for a given time, and then right around christmas time, if there's enough votes and enthusiasm for this ploy, we would approach employees and say we're going to take that back." taking back the wage
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increase is one option tiffin is considering. county supervisor mike carberry says all cities in johnson county can re-evaluate the wage. 21:25:54 "if they decide to evaluate it and pass their own ordinance, at any time they could lower back down to the state level." right now, the tiffin council is split. two council members support the county raise. others are considering a tiered pay approach that officials say only one other city in the country has ever tested. 22:24:15 "you don't have to have evidence something works if you're willing to try it." the tiered system would tie the wage to age. a minor would make less money than a worker over the age of 18. the council hasn't decided on specifics but says they're working to take all perspectives into account. 22:10:18 "i think the number jobs for kids anymore is dwindling significantly and if you start paying everybody 10.10 an hour, they're going to hire as many adults as they can and kids aren't going to have any jobs either." the counciwill hold a public
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about concerns from residents before taking any further action. that'll happen in two weeks. if you'd like to attend, we've put more information under this story on kcrg dot com. bruce and beth? thanks, sarah. meteorologist joe winters joins us now. we could have our first flurries of the season overnight?
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authorities have ruled the death of a woman whose body was found in benton county as a homicide. autopsy results show 25-year-old sabrina janish died from multiple stab wounds and strangulation . authorities had originally identified her as sabrina hustad. but family members tell us she recently got married and her last name is now janish. officers found her body sunday in the driveway of a david miller's home on 59th street trail in rural benton county. authorities later arrested him on a vehicle theft charge. they are investigating him in connection with the homicide. but as of right now, he does not face any charges in the death. dubuque police are asking people to be
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watchful, as the number of reports of shots fired increases. police say they've responded to 30 incidents of shots fired, so far this year. there were 25 shots fired last year and in 20-13. police are asking people to call them if they see something suspicious happening in their neighborhood. "be vigilant and call things in when they see it it's suspect or criminal in nature. get on the phone and call. you don't have to leave your name but we need your help keeping an eye on the community and try to keep it safe. " the latest report of shots fired was this morning. around 9 o'clock, officers found a 20- year-old man wi a gunshot wound to his leg. he is expected to be ok. tonight, the ten top republican presidential candidates laid out their visions on how to create jobs and improve the economy as they faced each other in their third debate. donald trump said he would be good at solving the nation's debt problems. he defended his firms' records of declaring bankruptcy, saying it
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debt. ben carson's proposal foo a flat tax came up in one question. but one c-n-b-c moderator don't add up. "sot - ben carson / presidential candidate"the rate will be closer to 15% leaves trillions dollars in deficit." carson - "you also have to get rid of the loop holes." " several candidates focused quite often on attacking each other. marco rubio answered calls from his hometown newspaper to resign from the senate for missing too many votes. and jeb bush fired back. ""it's bias in the american media." " -jeb bush " marco when you signed up for this, this was a six year term. and you should be showing up for work. " -marco rubio "we're running for the same position and someone has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you " john kasich came out strong in the debate, calling his rivals' economic proposals "just fantasy." but trump mocked kasich's achievements in ohio, saying that state's economy rebounded because kasich "got lucky with fracking." the
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other issues that included social security, medicare, and immigration. wisconsin congressman paul ryan says it's a new day in the u-s house. today, his g-o-p colleagues nominated him to become the next house speaker. the republican caucus is hoping he'll guide the party out of a long period of internal conflict. tomorrow, the entire house is expected to approve ryan to succeed current speaker john boehner. drivers in cedar rapids are seeing more progress on road projects across the city, as construction season wraps up. this year was another big year for the city of cedar rapids' paving for progress program. if you remember, that program started when voters passed the one-cent local option sales tax in 2013 to help repair city streets. the plan is to spend 180 million dollars on those projects for the next ten years. kcrg-tv9's jill kasparie joins us in the newsroom tonight. jill, this was the second year for the program... it was and it waa a bigger year with more
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if you take a look at this map, on the city's website you can see green and orange signs. the green represent finished projects. since the program started, city crews and contractors have finished about 40 projects. crews are putting the finishing touches on the final ones of this year. car nats it's smooth driving down 7th street southeast. becky esker at "it's simply serendipity" was ready to see crews wrap up their work this week. "18:26:03 it was very excited to barricades." she says construction often blocked entrances into her consignment store's parking lot, which took a toll on business and getting around. " 18:28:07 sometimes i felt like the rat in the maze. you'd get to the end and you can't get anywhere so you turn around and back up. yeah!" people across the city dealt with the construction maze.
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"there was a lot more work this summer. we started into some of the reconstruction- type projects that take longer to develop but still had a lot of rehab projects that we were doing this year also." but four projects didn't get done. they are kenrich drive, mansfield avenue, zelda drive and 30th street southeast. those will get rescheduled for some time over the next two summers. "what happened was we got out there and looked at them and it became clear that it they wewee beyond the capability of our city forces to do the rehabilitation on" so far, the city has spent all of the "paving for progress" projects over the two years. while they were a source of frustration for some - many - like becky say it's a sign of progress. "it's definitely something they needed to be done. so it's really nice to have the nice smooth roads. obviously 7th great introduction for people coming into the city and it's nice to have it without the
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potholes and all that. " project list for 2016. we'll post the ones they're already planning on with this story on live in the newsroom,jill kasparie, kcrg-tv9. a youth center in cedar rapids is changing the number of holiday meals it offers this year. the center is condensing thanksgiving and christmas meals this year because of a lack of funding. " "
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here's a decorated house 724 m ave nw in cedar rapids. students won't attend liberty high school until
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20-17 but teachers may have
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a youth center in cedar rapids is combining two traditional holiday meals it offers each year due to a lack of funding. kcrg-tv9's chris earl reports the thanksgiving and christmas meals at the h-d youth center will take one place on one date in december. as the h-d youth center approaches two years at the current location at 15th street and mount vernon road se in cedar rapids, this will also be where the center's most visible days will be taking place. make that "day" - singular - as, for 2015, the thanksgiving and christmas
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meal will be combined, on december 12th...and leaders point to the finances. " 2:10 rather than spend the money which, for all of those events, adds up quickly, even though there are a lot of donations, it still adds up. we've decided to just hold that sending and utilize it for the programming for the rest of the year." h-d youth center dawn stevens said they have about 65 young people - nearly 35 who come by every week of the year... for the basics. on this wednesday, a pair of students helped unload food offerings from hacap off last weekend's scouting for food events -- all to stock the shelves. " 2:50 that's a lot of kids to feed. we give them an after-school snack, e give them an evening meal that is made by aunt liz in the kitchen with kids helping. " that's the focus - when money is really tight as stephens said it is -- letting people know about more than the two holiday meals, the summer back- to-school backpack offerings and the easter egg hunt. yet what would help the h-d youth center? " 552 $50,000 would really help us get on our feet and help us really be able to engage the children without worry while we continue our fundraising effort..those are on-going..." plus the on-going call for
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volunteers to help with cleanup...or mentoring for young people who may not have the solid support system outside of this room. in@ cedar rapids, chris earl, kcrg-tv 9 news. iowa city school administrators say all aspects of the district's new hikh school are on or ahead of schedule. the district plans to open liberty high school in north liberty in the fall of 2017. but teachers, faculty, and staff will likely have access to the building much earlier. right now, workers are adding as much roof to the building as possible, so interior work can continue throughout the winter. and the strict's also preparing to transition students. current high school students living in the area, who'll be juniors and seniors when the building opens, can decide whether to enroll there or stay at their current schools. " we want to know from them, if they live in the liberty high attendance area, will they be going to liberty high when it
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opens up. and we need to know that information so we've got a better idea of the head count on the number of students that will be there. that helps us with class selection as we look at which courses we'll offer there. " freshmen and sophomore students living in the area in 2017 won't have the option. the old sabin school building in iowa city is slowly coming down. crews are demolishing the building to make way for a parking garage and condominium project. the school is located just south of downtown iowa city. it first opened in 1917, and remained an elementary school until 1979. in the 2000's, it served as the school district's administration building, until the district moved offices several years ago. joe will have a last check of your forecast coming up next. " "
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make the community greener. tonight, visiting artist mike bianco taught a group of students how to make "seed bombs" from soil, clay, seed and water. students will then throw theher seed bombs in a place where they envision a greener pasture. once spring rolls around, the seeds will sink into the ground and begin growing. one last look at the forecast, joe...
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and that does it for us tonight. but don't go away. scott saville and the t-v nine spsprts team are up next with high school football playoff highlights on a wednesday night addition of friday
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edition of the endzone. we had a couple of doubleheaders tonight. lets start off at kingston stadium where josh christensen had double duty. first offensive drive for kennedy. nick duehr rolls right on the play-action, he hits shaun first offensive drive for kennedy. nick duehr rolls right on the play-action, he hits shaun beyer who stiff arms the defender, turns on the jets, and he is gone going 74 yards for the touchdown. cougars go up 7-0 next drive, it's tyler dralle with the easy 3-yard touchdown run. his 17th ofofthe season. kennedy takes a 13-0 lead the defense gets involved with the scoring. not a lot of zip on this ball, austin coates comes up with the interception. he goes down the near sideline, he jukes a defender right at the one and scores. cougars lead 20-0 after one
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quarter 2nd quarter, duehr play- action, and he finds a wide open beyer for his 2nd touchdown of the game, kennedy shutsout clinton 59-0 to advance "that's what coach said we were going to do, come out clinton 59-0 to advance "that's what coach said we were going to do, come out and run the ball, and that's exactly what we did. i don't think we had one 4th down or had to bring out the punt team, and that's great. anytime when you can just run the ball and have confidence in your line, you'r going to win because you control the clock." 2nd game of the double- header at kingston, cedar falls versus cedar rapids washington. cedar falls strikes first, taylen alexander with the screen pass to michael abbas. he breaks a tackle and takes in for the 26-yard score to give the tiiers a
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equalizer as tavian patrick scores on the 10-yard run. it's 7-7 the warriors come back on their next drive and this is all patrick. breaks one tackle, then another, cuts it across the field, jukes another defender and stretches for the score. 35-yard touchdown for patrick and a 14-7 lead for wash but cedar falls responds, taylen alexander rolls to his right and finds luke loecher who dives to make the catch, 15-yard td and it was tied 14-14 at halftime. josh christensen, tv9 sports. lets head down to iowa city where a couple mvc city where a couple mvc teams hooked up in the first round. mark carlson covered iowa city west and prairie. the night couldn't have gotten off to a better start for iowa city west. after stopping prairie they score right out of the gate when qb alex henderson hooks up with dallas majors for the long catch and run. 7-0 trojans. and then after recovering a
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squib kick, hendersen comes right back and scores himself. extra point is blocked and it's 13-nothing trojans. but cedar rapids prairie wouldn't roll over, they take it right back down the field and qb tyler nunemaker makes it a 13-7 ballgame with a run of his own. west would return the next kickoff, and then they would go to work at the end of the half. here henderson's screen is tipped... but mason carter sticks with it and takes it for the big gain. setting up henderson for another run to make push it to 28 - 7 at half. and then early in the 3rd quarter west would all but put this one on ice after prairie got it to a 28- 14 game. the old flea flicker catches everyone off-guard and oliver martin hauls it in to make it 35-14. the final would be 35-20 and d est is moving on. in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine sports.
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xavier ran the table in the regular season. the undefeated saints opened the playoffs against waverly shellrock tonight. it was a little windy and the banner almost got blown away before the game.. it was a good night to keep the ball on the ground and that is exactly what avier did former tv 9 athlete of theeweek maliki wilson bust one up the middle for big yardage.. and then quarterback bryce schulte put the saints on the board first turning this one up field and look at the big guy go.. it was like he was weaving in and out of traffic on i-380 and schulte races 65 yards fo the touchdown and the 7-nothing second quarter lead..and that had them going bonkers.. and they were on the move the next time touched the ball.. erik rodriguez picks up a large chunk of real estate on the ground.. and that set up the saints second touchdown sean murphy gets across the goal line to give xavier a 14-nothing lead.. watch what happens on the ensuing kick off jamir
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